About Us

Bangladesh Associate of IT Solution (BAITS) is a leading organization in the delivery of information technology. Our services include intelligence security solution, information technology, and consulting services for our national clients. We have successfully delivered outstanding products and results for our business customers since 2006. As we know about our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s dream Digital Bangladesh, we have decided to become a part of her vision and that’s why we have founded National Education of Bangladesh (NEDUBD) in the year of 2018, December to serve our National Education system. With the help of NEDUBD, we are ready to serve our entire educational management system of Madrasha, the school, the College and the University. That's why we offer them a free Website and Software so that they can easily manage their educational system with the help of our powerful IT solution.

Mission & Vision

Now all we know that Bangladesh becoming a digitalized country by the power of Information Technology. NEDUBD has a vision & mission that we will also digitalize our entire educational management system with the help of our IT solution. Therefore, we offer our entire educational institutions a free Website and Software for helping their educational management work. It will also help them to contact their guardian to follow up on their daily activities. It’s just one platform where Teacher, Student, and Guardian will unite with each other. In the future, they can easily communicate and obtain adequate information about their students as well as their management. We ensure that this IT solution will help to reduce their time while working. It also provides an opportunity for our students to keep pace with into the competitive IT world.